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Creating a new script
  1. Create a new C# or VB.NET project ( I know... )
  2. Right click the project in Solution Explorer (or Navigator! ) and select Add New Item
  3. Add a PowerShell Script file

Note: All settings that affect this Visual Studio Extension must be set within the PowerGUI Script Edtior

  1. Open the script file you wish to debug
  2. Set breakpoints in the margin accordingly
  3. Launch the Debugger with Shift+F5
  4. Once in a debug session the usual debug keystrokes work (F5, F10, F11)

Break points should be honored

The "Properties" window displays the currently defined PowerShell variables and their values

The "Output" window displays the output from the script

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ActualReverend Aug 24, 2010 at 9:25 PM 
Also, run it the first time as "the administrator" if you have UAC still turned on.