Using PowerGUI VSX Project as a placeholder

May 15, 2013 at 12:22 PM
Hi, here's my situation
I have PS Project called Automation which I use as a placeholder for my scripts with TFS versioning
I don't have any C# code there
I want this project to be a part of bigger solution. My case is this:
another project called AutomationMSI creates MSI file containing files from Automation\ver1
TFS build creates such msi evry checkin
Now I want TFS build to create ZIP file containing this MSI file and some scripts(file structure) from Automation\ver1
The problem I'm facing is that building Automation project doesn't end with files copied to output directory (bin\debug for example)
Is there a way I can achieve this? in short:
during build, copy specific files/directories (structure) to output

Also to note: in project.pssproj there is a typo. Properrty is called <VarialesToExport> instead of <VariablesToExport>