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The PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension adds PowerShell IntelliSense support to Visual Studio.

The future of PowerGUI VSX is now on GitHub. For more information see my blog.

PowerGUI VSX is driven by PowerGUI. Please download the correct version:

All versions can be found on the download page

New Features
  • PowerGUI Console Tool Window
  • PowerShell Project Type

Current Features
  • IntelliSense support through a custom PowerShell editor
  • Syntax highlighting and script analysis
  • Supports PowerGUI settings
  • Supports PowerGUI imported modules
  • Supports PowerGUI Snippets
  • PowerShell debugging
  • PowerGUI Console Tool Window
  • PowerShell Project Type

Debug binary modules using the PowerGUI VSX!

Check out my blog for updates! And if you don't want to wait that long follow me on Twitter!



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